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Diploma Accreditation
Massage Legislation

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Professional Diploma is accredited as a level 3 course by ThinkTree international professional association for complementary therapists.  To read more about ThinkTree click here.  Level 3 is the standard of learning generally required to work as a professional massage therapist in the UK.  Accreditation means that the course content and delivery methods have been carefully reviewed by ThinkTree and approved as suitable for professional training.  So you can rest assured that completing this course fully equips you and authorises you to work professionally.

 The AYM Professional Diploma takes you from starting as an absolute beginner to qualifying as a professional massage therapist at the level legally required to work in the whole of the UK.


I loved the AYM massage training I attended in India, and want to give you a similar experience. What I experienced was very hands on, in the moment, unencumbered by theory, and I appreciated it as an embodied learning rather than an intellectual exercise. At the same time I am dedicated to also equipping you with all the supporting knowledge you will need to legally work as a massage therapist in the UK and internationally.


The Diploma In Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is carefully mapped out to match the national standard for massage practitioners in the UK.  As well as learning to massage, it includes all the areas of learning, such as Anatomy and Physiology and Business Studies that a professional massage therapist is expected to have covered.  It is the only Ayurvedic Yoga Massage course in the UK which includes all these areas of study, providing the definitive professional course for the UK.

Practitioner massage training in the UK is most widely available as ITEC or City & Guilds Level 3 Holistic Massage which teaches a fairly unremarkable massage sequence. The AYM Diploma trains you in a considerably more complex and detailed massage sequence which gets a great reception from clients. It also contains all the other subject areas relevant to level 3 massage training, equipping you to confidently work as a holistic therapist.


Massage legislation in the UK is confusing because there is no nationally set standard. Local councils set their own requirements for licensing.  Some areas of the country have no regulations at all whereas many others require a license, in particular London and other large cities. The AYM Professional Diploma satisfies all license requirements in the UK.  If you wish to work in another country you will need to check that country's legislation and requirements, but it is likely that the high standard of massage training set in the UK meets most international standards.


All graduates of the AYM Professional Diploma will be eligible for membership of ThinkTree which will provide the opportunity for discounted insurance and exemption from the London Boroughs Special Treatment License.

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