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Ayurvedic Yoga Massage 

short courses
professional diploma

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage School offers a range of short massage courses as well as a complete professional diploma accredited by ThinkTree.


The wisdom of India in your healing hands (and feet!)

No previous experience of massage necessary

Beginner and experienced students are all welcome

Gain a professional qualification to work as a massage therapist

Learn massage for friends and family for fun and personal growth

Couples can learn how to give each other a pampering massage

Perfect for yoga teachers looking to add to their knowledge and techniques

Massage therapists and bodyworkers can expand their repertoire

Boutique small group training ensuring plenty of personal attention

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Professional Diploma is accredited by ThinkTree international professional association for complementary therapists.  You can read more about accreditation here.

There are four AYM course units. The course structure has been designed to be flexible to meet the needs of a range of students:

Massage therapist course: if you are new to learning massage and plan to work professionally, then the AYM complete Professional Diploma (units 1-4) is designed for you. It meets the full requirements of UK Level 3 professional massage training and is accredited by ThinkTree.

Existing massage therapist: if you already have a massage qualification such as ITEC Holistic Massage, then you can study Units 1-3 to learn the full repertoire of AYM. You will already have covered most of the learning in Unit 4 in your previous massage training, so will not need to repeat this. You will find AYM a fabulous addition to the menu of treatments you offer.

Enthusiast: If you would like to learn massage to pamper your partner, friends and family, then start with Unit 1 which will teach you how to massage the back of the body in a way that you can easily do on a bed at home. Build on your experience, if you wish, with Unit 2 and you will have a full body routine.  You may choose to go on to add the advanced techniques of Unit 3. You are also welcome to study Unit 4, and might eventually find that you wish to work professionally. 

Explorer: the AYM Training Taster or the Learn AYM for Couples Course are an opportunity for a 2.5 hour massage course learning how to give a lovely back and shoulder massage.


AYM Complete Professional Diploma

This Ayurvedic Yoga Massage training takes you from absolute beginner to professional massage therapist.  

Study this Level 3 massage course to gain a deep understanding of holistic wellness and a new profession


AYM Unit 1: Beginner

AYM Unit 2: Intermediate

AYM Unit 3: Advanced

AYM Unit 4: Professional

Please see details of each unit below




Accredited by ThinkTree



AYM Professional Diploma fee £1185

Deposit £420

aym 1-4.jpg

AYM Unit 1 - Beginner

A predominately practical 2 day course introducing the background to Ayurvedic Yoga Massage and encouraging you to quickly get hands-on learning to massage. By the end of the course you will have learnt techniques to massage the whole of the back of the body.


The massage sequence will be taught by demonstration followed by students giving and receiving massage. Techniques are introduced in bite-sized chunks so that you can easily practice what you have been shown and experience the learning in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

Subjects relevant to the history and practice of AYM are introduced, especially focusing on the well-being of both massage therapist and client.


Day 1

Background of AYM

Massage health and hygiene

Preparing to massage - mantra chant - intention and connection

Massaging the back, shoulders, arms and neck

Therapist self-care techniques - supta yoga

Day 2

Benefits of AYM

The massage medium - vegetable oil and calamus powder

Preparing to massage - mantra chant

Massaging the back of the legs, shins, ankles and feet

Client consultations including contraindications and restrictions

Combining all the techniques of Unit 1 to massage the whole of the back of the body

Therapist self-care techniques - supta yoga

AYM Unit 1 course fee £270

Deposit £140

AYM Unit 2 - Intermediate

Following on from AYM Unit 1, we will continue with a predominately hands-on approach learning how to massage the front of the body. By the end of the course you will have learnt techniques to offer a wonderful full body massage.


Each new technique will be clearly demonstrated before you practice giving and receiving massage.  Therapist preparation and self-care techniques are experienced.  Further information supporting you to offer massage in a fabulous manner is covered.


Day 1

Setting the scene for a massage

Preparing to massage - meditation

Massaging the front of the legs, abdomen and chest

Therapist self-care techniques - kundalini shake


Day 2

Massage after-care advice

Quality of touch, perfect pressure, listening to the body

Massaging the arms, hands, neck, scalp and face

Combining all massage techniques learnt in Unit 1 & Unit 2 to massage the whole of the body

Therapist self-care techniques - free dance

AYM Unit 2 course fee £270

Deposit £140


AYM Unit 3 - Advanced


Following on from Units 1&2, hands-on learning is the major component of AYM Unit 3. You will build on your knowledge of AYM adding some of the most exciting and appreciated techniques of this massage. You will learn how to massage with your feet and how to apply yoga style stretches. This will complete your introduction to all the techniques of hands-on AYM massage.

Day 1

AYM in the context of therapies in UK and India

Perfection of massaging the back of the body (Unit 1)

Using the feet to massage the back of the body - back, arms, legs and feet

Cobra stretch and shoulder mobilisation.

Transition to sitting position, stretches in sitting position

Perfecting massaging the front of the body (Unit 2)

Hip openers and leg stretches

Therapist self-care techniques - Anapana meditation


Day 2

More therapist self-care techniques

Combining all the techniques learnt in Units 1, 2 & 3 to massage the whole of the body

Therapist self-care techniques - Anapana meditation

AYM Unit 3 course fee £270

Deposit £140

AYM Unit 4 - Professional

Complete your training to the UK professional standard. Gain the knowledge to support your future work as a massage therapist.

A video meeting with the tutor will guide you in undertaking the components of this home study unit.  Flexible learning completed at your own pace. You can start studying Unit 4 when you start Unit 1, or wait until you have completed Units 1-3.  Once enrolled on Unit 4, you have up to one year to complete it although most students will look to complete within 3 - 6 months. When you feel ready, you will attend a massage assessment and gain useful feedback from your tutor.

- Holistic Therapy Business Skills - online learning

- Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology - online learning

- Health, Safety & Hygiene - online learning

- Perfect your technique with practice massages and case studies

- Complete a theory test

- Attend a massage assessment


AYM Unit 4 course fee £375

The Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Professional Diploma is accredited by ThinkTree international association for complementary therapists.

You can read more about accreditation here.

Unit 4.jpg

AYM Training Taster

Are you wondering whether studying Ayurvedic Yoga massage will suit you? This relaxed 2.5 hour workshop is perfect if you are looking to get a feel for what AYM School is all about and decide if you would like to attend more training.


Or maybe you would just like to learn a lovely back and shoulder massage that you can offer to your partner, friends and family. You will learn by giving and receiving massage.  This workshop will give you the skills you need to massage with confidence.  It is a fabulous way to spend some time in the healing zone where we build a more compassionate world.

The training taster is usually held on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Please enquire for dates.

AYM Training Taster fee £95

Learn AYM For Couples

Have you tried massaging your partner, and felt like you don't really know what you are doing?  And would you like your partner to be able to give you a lovely massage in return?


Attend this private 2.5 hour session with your partner as a chance to learn how to give each other a lovely relaxing back and shoulder massage. Ayurvedic Yoga Massage is very adaptable to being offered on a bed or yoga mat, so you will not need a massage table to use at home.  (Please note there is no sexual content in this workshop).

Please get in touch to set a date for the workshop

AYM For Couples fee £190 for two people

AYM for couples.jpg

Boutique small group massage training with a maximum of four students at a time, ensuring detailed attention  from your experienced tutor.

I aim to provide the highest possible quality of training and professional development for my students - essentially placing the wellbeing of students at the heart of the practice.

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